If you're a farmer in the U.K. (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) then you can connect Figured to the British Cattle Movement Service. When you do this, Figured will import your livestock quantities directly from BCMS into livestock trackers.

When you're integrated, you'll have up-to-date livestock quantities in Figured (optionally across multiple trackers for splitting the herd into dairy/beef).

This is a read-only integration to BCMS - if you want to post updates to BCMS, then we recommend looking at herd management software here.

Splitting into dairy and beef trackers

Figured can create two trackers from a holding by creating rules based on sex and breed of cattle. We recommend doing this for valuation purposes, and to get an accurate Cost of Production report for each enterprise.

Figured will pull a list of all cattle breeds from Figured. You can then pick which tracker male & female stock will go into (or send both to the same tracker if you want).

Information needed to integrate

In order to set up a BCMS integration, you'll need:

  1. Your adviser invited into Figured to enable the integration.

  2. Your CTSO Reference Number (9 digit code, like 123-456-789).

  3. Your CTS Web Services Password.

  4. Your holding number & location name.

Your CTSO Reference Number is different to the credentials you use to log into BCMS (that's the 12 digit government gateway ID).

If you currently use herd management software to do things like update movements for BCMS, then the CTSO Reference Number and CTS Web Services Password are the same as what you use for that software.

If you don't know your credentials, then you can call BCMS on 0345 050 1234 or email them at bcmsenquiries@rpa.gov.uk.

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