Statement of Position is found in the Accounting tab, in the Figured tool bar.

It is available to view for all users on the farm, and data can be entered/edited by Users with “Can Edit” or above


At the top of the page you will find a secondary date selector

The View as at field will allow you to view the farm’s financial position at a certain point in time.

Actuals to allows you to adjust the mix of Actuals and Forecast data displayed

For best results, set actuals to the most recent reconciled data in Xero

Forecast Financial Position

Set a date in the future to view what your Financial Position on a Forecast basis. Forecast data will be populated from:

  • Livestock Trackers - including stock on hand and forecast management valuations

  • Product Tracker - Products on hand at harvest values

  • Planning Grid - Forecast transactions/entries to balance sheet accounts will adjust Financial Position balances

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