Before you make the switch to the rolling plan version of Figured on a farm, there's a couple of disclaimers / important bits to note!

  1. Once migrated, a farm cannot be reverted to non-rolling plan

  2. Budgets will be turned into snapshots, this means you will not be able to edit old budgets once you've migrated

There's also two things that we recommend you do within your farm before you switch across too.

1. Finalise and lock your budget

All existing budgets will be turned into a snapshot. 

This means they'll be uneditable once a farm has been migrated, so it's important that the budget has been approved before migration.

2. Confirm that actuals + forecasts is your latest plan

The actuals + forecast view will become your working, or primary, plan. 

Double check that this view contains the latest data that you'd like to continue working with on your farm.

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