The purpose of balance checks is to ensure that the value of transactions recorded in Figured and Xero match up. 

It is recommended to always record crop sales in Figured and post them to Xero so that inconsistencies will not arise but if this is not done consistently it is possible that Figured and Xero will become out of balance.

If you see a warning message in Figured (see example below) it is recommended to firstly run a sync to ensure Figured is up to date with Xero.

A sync can be run any time by clicking the Xero icon in the bottom left hand side of your navigation.

If the warning remains go into the Crop Tracker to investigate further.
You will see which crop(s) are out of balance. 

Click on Crop Season Detail and scroll down to the Sales area to see details. 

The sales balance check compares the value of crop sales recorded for a crop season in Figured with the value posted in Xero to the mapped account code and tracking option. If this doesn't match Figured will alert you that you have inconsistent balances.
For example:


If the Total in Figured is greater than the Total in Xero it is likely that a transaction has been created in Figured but not posted to Xero. The resolution will likely be to Edit the transaction in Figured, check the Post to Xero box and Save. The transaction will then be posted to Xero. Running a Sync will clear the warning message if everything now balances.

If the Total In Xero is greater than the Total in Figured it is likely that something has been posted in Xero which is not yet in Figured. If you are unsure what is missing from Figured run a Transaction Summary Report in Xero for the account code and tracking option in question. 

The report will show the transaction(s) that make up the total in Xero so you can identify which is missing in Figured and then hop back to Figured to create the missing transaction. In this case ensure the Post to Xero box remains un-ticked to avoid creating a duplicate transaction in Xero.

When all inconsistencies have been resolved the inconsistent balances message will disappear, this may require running a sync to refresh the Total in Xero value.

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