The re-forecaster tool allows you to quickly and efficiently enter your years forecast or budget month-by-month.

Accessing the re-forecaster

The tool can be found by heading into your trackers and clicking on the Tools button as shown below.


Using the re-forecaster

To enter movements into the re-forecaster, you just need to select one of the numbers displaying under a selected stock class (e.g. Dairy cows) and movement (Purchase).

That will then drop down and allow you to enter the quantity, weight kg/head, and amount. Once you've got those correct, you can hit the green button on the right to save and move onto the next month or movement.

The re-forecaster is a tool intended to be used for entering many transactions at the same time, because of this, a standard cash / profit date will be applied to every transaction added in via the re-forecaster.

When entering transactions for a month, it will give each transaction a cash / profit date of the first of your selected month.

NOTE: You would only create an ageing out transaction as this in turn creates the corresponding ageing in transaction.  

Beyond the re-forecaster

The re-forecaster is great for quick and summarised transaction entries – you can add one line for a transaction type per month, with the transaction date defaulting to the beginning of the month (e.g. 1 January 2018).

If you want budgets and forecasts to be have more details (e.g. specify dates of transactions and have multiple purchase lines within one month), it’s best to manually add forecasted or budget transactions in the tracker itself.

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