Double mapped accounts can affect the accuracy of your reports and gross profit, so it's important to ensure you map your accounts correctly from the get go.

This article will cover how double mapped accounts occur and the way to avoid/ resolve them.

Double mapping tracker accounts

1. Remember all production accounts are assigned within the trackers, so you don’t need to categorise sales and purchase accounts associated with your trackers in the account configuration window.

Accounts associated with trackers are automatically assigned when mapping your trackers via tracker setup.

If an account associated with a tracker is categorised in the account configuration window it will create a double mapped account.

2.  Assigning the same account/s to multiple trackers within one farm will create double mapped accounts.

For more info on categorising your accounts read map your chart of accounts.

Double mapping via multi-farm

1. Double mapping via multi-farm occurs when one mapping category in Xero is assigned to multiple farms in Figured.

To avoid this, its good practice to name the tracking categories in Xero to match the name of the farms in Figured.

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