To create a budget for a crop, go to the Trackers tab and click on the Cropping icon.

Here you will see charts representing your budget, actual & forecast production for each season. 

Select the Season you want to budget for from the global date settings, scroll to the crop you wish to build a budget for, and click on Crop Season Detail.

You can now build up your budget for this crop / season.

Firstly record the Expected Sale Price per Bale /Tonne. You can also record here any on hand quantity you plan to sell this season if appropriate. Click Save to save changes made.

Next add the fields you plan to use for this crop for the season. If you have not yet set up your fields, or you need to update field information, click the Create New Fields to add or update them. 

The Area displayed will be the sum of the Field level areas added for this crop.
Alternatively, if you don't want to use Field Level data, uncheck the Configure Fields box and manually record the Area (in Hectares) you plan to use for this crop.

The next step is to record your planned production, select Harvest and click Add Production Transaction, record your expected harvest date and the Quantity of Tonnes you expect to harvest. 

This can be recorded as the total Quantity or the Quantity per hectare.

Next add all Direct Costs you plan to incur in the production of this crop. The list of Direct Costs displayed is derived from Tracker Settings so if you do not see all the costs you need to include go back into Tracker Settings and map further categories.

Select a Direct Cost from the list displayed and click Add Direct Cost then record the date you expect the expense to be incurred and the amount

You can add as many Direct Cost transactions as you need to complete your budget for the crop.

Finally add your budget sales by clicking on Add Sales Transaction, note that the sales amount can be recorded in total or per Tonne.

Click Save to save changes.


Adding detailed budget information

To add more transactions to your budget you can either go back into Crop Season Detail in the Budget area or use the "Add transaction" button from the main cropping tracker screen.

Here you can quickly add more Budget transactions (list on the right) 

Note: When your budget is locked you can no longer add budget transactions and this list will change to allow you to add "Forecast" transactions going forward. 

Repeat the above steps for all crops you are planning for the season and then, once you are happy with your overall crop budget, in the chart view click on Tools/Copy to Forecast to create your initial forecast for the season ahead.

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