Note the Agworld API is only accessible for Farmers with a paid Agworld subscription, and is not visible for farmers on the free plan.


  1. Contact Agworld ( to enable API access for integration with Figured
  2. Login to Agworld at and select Account Settings

3. Select User API from dropdown menu 

4. Under Access Token, press Add and enter a description (eg Figured) 

5. Highlight the newly generated Secret key and Copy to Clipboard (right-click -> copy or Ctrl-C)

6. Login to Figured at, open the farm and go to Settings

7. Select Agworld Integration

8. Paste in Secret Key copied from Agworld (Right Click -> Paste, Ctrl-V) and then select Agworld account from dropdown list. Click Save.

Importing Agworld Budget

  1. In Figured, select Production, then select the Crop Tracker

2. Scroll to Budget and select Crop Season Detail

3. Select Import from Agworld button on top right of page

4. Select Season you are importing in dropdown

5. Select Agworld Crop you are importing. Once selected, data will be pulled in from Agworld including

  • Total Area used by crop type
  • Medium Price and Medium Yield values
  • Forecast Direct Cost Activities as at planned dates
  • Forecast Sale amount and date

6. Link Agworld Activities to Figured Direct Cost Categories by selecting them in the dropdown

7. Once complete click Import into Season Budget (Note: Categories can be left blank if the values are not required in crop level budgets)

8. Imported production, cost and sale activities are displayed in Figured budget. Data is editable whilst the budget year remains unlocked by clicking the pencil icon on each line.

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